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"I felt old and sore..."

until now

This is my NOW. I feel better than I did 20 years ago.

I had just turned 60, and had a sinking fear that the worst was yet to come. Little did I know I would find the key to unlock the best years of my life. As an artist, I appreciate being “in the flow”, and I was finding it took more and more effort to feel open and creative when my body was feeling the opposite. SloFlow brought me home… to me.

I’d love to get you started on your journey to your own personal homecoming.

Heidi Hunter, Until Now – The Art of Flow
Certified Block Therapy™ Instructor and Block Therapist

Listen to YOUR BODY

SloFlow is a practice in the art and science of movement.

It is meditation, exercise, and therapy

a deep somatic practice you can do in the comfort of your home, or in a class.


Add "until now", after these statements. Now, imagine how you'd feel...

I didn’t know how to breathe, until now.

It begins with you and your breath. Using a wooden block as a prop to teach you to quiet your world, you practice a deep breath, correctly. A slow, deep diaphragmatic breath can access up to 600% more oxygen. That means your body is able to feed and clean its cells more efficiently while boosting your immune system.

I was in chronic pain, until now.

You become your own deep tissue massage therapist as you drape your body over the block, in different positions. You relax, breathe slowly, and melt through compressed areas due to aging, injury or surgery, and release fascia which has held us in misalignment. You allow blood flow to frozen areas of your body which have caused limitation for years, bringing life back to places that have held pain.

I couldn't do this, until now

Maybe it’s getting down on the floor to play with your grandkids. Maybe it’s accessing joy in your life. Perhaps it’s walking without pain. Whatever your NOW is, you will notice the gift of change. SloFlow is a practice you can do on your own at home, or in a class. Guided by your breath, you learn to have a dialogue with your body and create space for healing in your life.

The photos speak for themselves


What some "Blockheads" have to say about this practice...

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Happy Customers

Blockhead Reviews

Positive Changes...

I love it! I feel centred and much more balanced than I ever was. I didn’t know a stitch about the diaphragm, nor how replenishing breathing actually is. I breathe! I actually feel as if past trauma has lifted and been breathed away. My core is stronger. My muscles are sore but soothed...I love it!
Darlene H.
Blockhead, 4 yrs
I couldn’t lie on my back without a pillow, until now. No matter how I feel before a session with Heidi, I feel so unbelievably better afterwards. Definitely more open mentally and physically, more energy and able to think more positively. I always look forward to the next session. My neck is longer. I told Heidi that soon we’ll have to get giraffe suits.
Linda B.
Blockhead, 3 yrs
I am a parkour athlete in my late 50s. In November 2019, seeing little improvement with chronic knee injuries and other leg issues, I wasn't sure if my leg would ever be healed again to do parkour...Until Now. Since I started, my walking gait, sitting and standing postures have totally transformed. The severe and often debilitating sciatic and IT band pains have completely healed. Heidi walked beside me as my teacher on my journey, listening and observing. Her knowledge, intuition, creating, and thought - provoking questions led me to amazing transformations on the block. Her deep respect and trust of my self-awareness and intuition have also been instrumental to these changes.
Amethya W.
Blockhead, 3 yrs

Live Classes on ZOOM...

Heidi seems to have that lovely (and rare) combination of right brain/left brain thinking. She knows her anatomy, but has whimsically creative ways of envisioning it!
Patti T.
These classes were different from the beginning…there was very little sweating, but usually a lot of pain. There was camaraderie with fellow “Blockheads”. But it is also a time for reflection, almost like a meditation, when we relax into a position and embrace the discomfort. There is time to breathe deeply into our bellies and engage our abs (and if we forget, Heidi is there to remind us). We all do this in synchronicity, and if one of us is experiencing agony, then we are sure to share with one and all. Misery loves company, and we all enjoy sharing the love. Heidi's classes have offered me a new way to experience change without having to leave the house, feel insecure about my new level of activity as a I age, or the current shape of my body.
Joanne L.
Blockhead, 4 yrs

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A Homecoming...

When Heidi shared with me that her life had changed because of a cedar block I knew I wanted to investigate. With compassion, empathy and kindness she showed me the basics. Immediately I sensed there was something in this practice for which my body craved. Each session on the block offers more letting go, more grace and support of wholesome living. Loving myself, on the block. Each breath a coming home.
Ev W.
Blockhead, 4 yrs
Bred to be a skeptic I went into this practice on the enthusiasm of Heidi Hunter. I have been blocking now for about 4 months. Since then I have noticed an ease in movement. I can now get in and out of a kayak with minimal difficulty whereas before it was near impossible without a great deal of help. When I stand straight I can no longer grip a roll on either side. Although I have not lost weight, the weight has shifted. Standing taller, breathing and moving easier is melting the skepticism away.
Chris L.
Blockhead, 3 yrs
I became a blockhead in Sept 2020. I have Morton's neuromas in both feet. As of last week (Feb, 2021) I have full sensation in both feet with only a very mild feeling of having something under my outer toe area. Heidi is a fun teacher! She's enthusiastic, engaging and always concerned that her students are feeling good and taking their own time exploring the block positions. She demonstrates alternative positions fully for those who may require them and is always available to answer questions and provide guidance.
Margaret W.
Blockhead, 3 yrs
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