"Welcome home Heidi, for I am your house. I have longed for you to give me a voice. We are one."
- my body (from a 2009 Journal writing)
About Heidi Hunter

I’m an artist and creative empowerment teacher.  Even before my 40 year career in the arts, I learned that a block was a bad thing.  Until now.  

I came to Block Therapy ™ in a particularly challenging personal time in my life.  I felt betrayed by my aging body and was finding myself pulling back from doing things I loved. I was slowing down, and I didn’t want to. I came to accept chronic pain, anxiety, and physical limitations as permanent and a sign of the direction I was headed. Until Now. 

Today, I am a Certified Block Therapy ™ Therapist, and have launched my private practice, Until Now – The Art of Flow.  I‘m excited to help you discover what that “now” feels like.   To bring more life to your life. I want you to be able to add “until now” after a belief or statement you’d like to release. I invite you to set that intention to allow yourself to flow naturally into a balanced and healthy state.  I hope you can take the next step for your body to welcome you home. 

Runs with Scissors Studio

I was Struggling inside

“Do you ever sleep?” is something I’ve heard a lot over the years. I’ve been blessed with a life of flow. It was easy, until it wasn’t.

The Little Parade at Proutopia

One of the biggest joys of my life is to welcome visitors to my Runs with Scissors Studio. I’m a drama queen of creativity, and have produced eccentric “happenings” on my property for years. Each summer, I host a variety of classes, and sell my art at summer festivals. In the winter, I teach theatre at high school retreats and marketing to artists. Oh, and I make ART. Lots of different kinds of it. It feeds my soul. These past several years have been a joyful feast, but I forgot to invite my body to the party.

Every January, I pick a verb as my annual mantra. 2019’s verb was INCLUDE.
In hindsight, I should have seen this coming. By the fall, I had overextended and crashed. I went from spinning out in all directions, to not being able to get off the couch.

...until now

The same day my Block arrived in the mail, an ice storm hit Manitoba. From my couch, I watched my beautiful trees bend and then snap under the weight of the snow. I stood at my back door and heard loud cracking and snapping all around me and knew there was absolutely nothing I could do. It was the Perfect Storm for change.

I opened the parcel and got on the Block. As the winds howled outside, I lay in the belly position and after the first few moments, I knew this was exactly what I needed. My body had been calling for attention for years. I had been too busy to listen. I slowly breathed. I exhaled. I leaned in to the pressure. My body began to communicate with me, and I began to listen.

I came to the Block to help me with my anxiety, and depression. After a week, I noticed my chronic rotator cuff injury had much improved. Not long after that, someone commented I was standing straighter. I had more energy, felt lighter and was surprisingly more clear-headed. Since then, I’ve enjoyed a renaissance of inspiration and health. The flow is back, and this time my body is leading the homecoming parade.

My verb for 2020 was PRUNE. I’ve cut back, taken months to be still, refilled the well, and am brimming with inspiration. New growth and healing is happening and to be able to share this technique with you is a privilege.

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